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Innovation and Incubation Center


About us

      The Center aims to develop new businesses, new products, new technology, and assist small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in upgrading and transforming themselves. It combines resources at the University such as office space, equipment and facilities, technology, fund sourcing, training programs, business and management consulting to provide for SMEs to enhance any venture’s chance of success.




The main incubation areas are:

l      Shipping technology: through the R&D strength of Maritime College, assist the manufacturers in developing new technological applications for “maritime engineering”, “thermal science”, underwater detection and underwater exploration.

l      Biotechnology: making use of the current R&D achievements and fundamental facilities of aquatic disciplines, assist manufacturers in developing innovative products such as “specialty chemicals and cosmetics”, “healthcare products”, “aquatic biotechnology”, etc.

l      Engineering technology: through current R&D achievements of the College of Ocean Engineering, assist manufacturers in developing technologies such as “ship building technology”, “antennae technology”, “green energy technology” as well as “marine environment evaluation”,  etc.

l      Marketing and Logistics: through the College of Management’s research strength, provide manufacturers with consulting services such as integrated logistics planning, retail management, consumer database management, etc.




The major achievements till now are:


l      Number of manufactures assisted: 29, new enterprises: 4.

l      Technology transfers: 1.

l      Collaborations between academics and industry: 4 (NT$2,862,200).

l      Securing of government resources and awards: Kaohsiung local SBIR.



Contact Us


  Project manager:Ms. Ju-Chun Yeh

  Tel:886-7-361-7141 ext. 2315/2317/3011






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