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Plans & Visions


      標示圖  To better-off research environment for faculty members to maximize their capacity in teaching and research.

      標示圖  To team up the university with local industries to create the market value of marine technology.

      標示圖  To establish strategic alliances with academic institutions and industries locally and internationally, and to enrich                   the maritime education and research.

      標示圖  To offer students and faculty opportunities regarding marine-related issues, information and technologies.

      標示圖  To set up research labs along the coastal area, and collaborate with local industries in terms of transferring state-         of-the-art marine technology.


About R&D

        The Research and Development Division was established in 1997 to enhance the research capacity of faculties and         cooperation with industrial sectors. Since then, the R & D Division has played a role of creating a favorable climate         for academic research by means of administrative support, subsidies, and collaboration with public or private sectors.


        One of the most important missions is to initiate incentives to encourage research publications, industrial                        collaboration, and technology transfer. The incentives include prizes to thesis publication, subsidies to research         projects, and resource sharing for setting up lab facilities.


        Industrial collaborations are derived from the demands of private sectors, the local small or medium enterprises         which are in need of innovation technology for business sustainability. The fastest and most effective way is making         collaboration with university research labs to acquire the know-how of innovation. Nowadays, industrial service and         collaboration became the most important index of a university’s output performance. Consequently, the Innovation &         Incubation Center is one of the subsidiary offices of the R & D.


        The international affair is a different kind of collaboration with foreign institutions. In order to keep up with the         worldwide trend of education globalization, the International Office is responsible for signing cooperative         agreements with overseas universities for academic cooperation and student exchange programs. The international         cooperation is in the phase of mutual visits, conference participation, sharing information, and student exchange.


        Mapping up mid-term and long-term development plans makes the R & D Division the leading role of shaping the         future prospects of the university. Development plans are the blue prints and guidelines of the education direction.         The direction is drafted by the Planning Office of the R & D which is responsible for the initiation of future plan and         making alliances with domestic education institutions to shape a better vocational education network.


        In all, the functions of the R & D Division include planning, collaboration, research encouragements,         internationalization, innovation and incubation that, as a result, divide the Division into four subsidiary offices as the         followings:




          Planning Office

                ◇  Draw up schemes for development

                ◇  Integrate research and education resources

                ◇  Structure up academic system


          Co-op Office

                ◇  Initiate incentives for research

                ◇  Better-off research environment to strengthen research capability

                ◇  Match up academic-industrial collaboration


          International Office

                ◇  Establish cooperation and student exchange projects with overseas universities

                ◇  Attract professors from abroad to lecture or give seminars

                ◇  Assist interpretation and translation on international conferences


          Administrative Office of Research Centers

                ◇  Promote research products

                ◇  Attract small or medium enterprises to set up labs on campus to implement collaboration

                ◇  Assist technology transfer to industrial sectors

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