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Center for Marine Industry Technology


About Us


     The Center (CMIT) aims to develop and promote researches in marine biology, marine technology, sea food science, aquaculture and biotechnology. It is funded by the Ministry of Education to develop and transfer marketable marine technologies for industry and to enrich University teaching materials. The Center has been organized as a center-section of the Office of Research and Development Affairs since September 2003. There have been 5 industrial companies participating in the CMIT projects for technology development and transfer.




The major developments in 2009 are:


l      Exploitation and utilization of milkfish bone collagen and bone meal

l      Development of fish scale derived products

l      Development of added-value seaweed products

l      Development of the Taiwan aquaculture fishes nucleic acid resources

l      Application of seashell wastes on agricultural and medical products

l      Development and application of marine lactic acid bacteria on the grouper fry production



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  Administrative assistant:Ms. Jennifer Chung

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